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August 4, 2010

Welcome to my first post on my first blog!

I’m hoping to blog about a lot of “firsts” here. Blogging is something I have fallen into after years of reading the blogs of others. It just came into my mind one day – I think I’ll start a blog.

You have to be careful what you ask for… (synchronicity is something I’ll probably write a lot about). Within a day or two of sending this thought out into the universe I found an email in my inbox with the latest post from Goodlife ZEN – How I Met Good Fortune Half Way – and You Can Too . Mary Jaksch was writing about going from boom to bust thanks to blogging. I wonder, I thought as I read her post, I wonder if I could start a blog? Three days after reading her post – here I am!

Which brings me to the point where all novice bloggers must begin – what will I write about? My biggest issue seemed to be that I’m not an expert on anything, so I couldn’t offer expert advice. I’m also not an avid this or obsessive that. I like to spread my interests and hobbies thin – like vegemite on toast (you have to be Aussie to appreciate that vegemite eaters come in two categories – thick and thin). I’m prone to taking up a new interest overnight (ahem, blogging) and then dropping it like a hot potato when overcome with another whim or fancy (oh flamenco dancing, we shared some good times).

If you’ve ever wanted to try anything new, if you’ve ever wanted to realise a dream, then this blog is for you. I’m kinda hoping that writing about some of the stuff I find myself pursuing will encourage discipline and commitment. Gosh oh gee, it may even lead to mastery! And I look to you – my readers – for handy hints and tips on how you’ve reached your own goals.

What else? Well I love animals and nature so every now and then I’ll probably feel the need to share information on how we can make the lives of our non-human sentient friends healthier and happier, or how we can limit our impact on the earth. I’ll try not to rant too much. I don’t want to make people feel inadequate but I do think we could all be better informed. I’m far from perfect myself (as you’ll soon discover). I’ve been toying with the idea of a vegan detox so stayed tune to see how I get on.

I also find myself drawn to creative pursuits (the desire to be an artist), anything about organising stuff, living your best life and spirituality. I’ve read countless books and websites on the weird and the wonderful and I’ve love to share some of them with you, plus hear of more cool stuff that others have discovered.

I still don’t know where I’m going with all of this but I sure hope you want to take the journey with me. Who knows where we will end up!


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  1. LOOOOOVE IT!!! I’ll be visiting daily for sure. THIN vegemite for this Snowdome thanks!

  2. David Tierney permalink

    WOW what a great idea. I will enjoy your journey with you as we try and try some more to make this place as good as it can be for everyone.

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